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Acupuncture Massage in Maidstone



Paeon Remedial Therapies 

Acupuncture, Massage and Chinese Herbal Medicine

Grant Acoustics

Consultancy for noise assessment

SallyCat Miniatures

Speciality Dolls House miniatures and commissions

Tom Young    On-line tuition          

Help with UCAS application, A level, GCSE, iGCSE, 11+, Common Entrance

Why have I published to the web?

For a long time I have wanted to do something practical about my family history research. Bringing together some of my friends and family has given me the excuse to have a go.

As well as my family history page I have pages linked to both my son's and my daughter's business websites. Stephen is based in Maidstone and Larkfield and has qualified to give Acupuncture, Massage and Chinese Herbal Medicine treatments. Rachel is a noise assessment consultant based in Colchester.

Ex-colleagues have also moved on. Tom has moved on to Private Tuition in Kent whereas Sally has "shrunk" into the world of Miniatures. Both friends have pages on my site.

Since I retired I have started walking again with family and friends and rediscovered the Lake District and visited other wild places in the UK.

Check out my photo gallery to get a glimpse into where I have been.


 Whilst researching my family history I became interested in events that led up to the Battle of the Somme where so many fell on the first day. A family holiday took me to Corbie Communal Cemetery where my great Uncle was buried in 1916.

As a result I wrote a short story which I have since published on "". If you would like to read it follow the link below.

Myebook - Before it's all over - click here to open my ebook

We are all based in Kent and Essex 



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